What Causes Weak Water Pressure?

Wondering what causes weak pressure? The water pressure in your home has to be consistent to get the water that you need every day. But there are also times when the water pressure levels in your home are not as good as you wish.

There are many reasons why your water pressure could drop. Talk with a Lasiter and Lasiter plumbing expert about improving your water pressure if any of these issues come about in your home.

Fixture Issues

Pipe with bad water pressureThe fixtures around your property could be a huge problem. Rust and corrosion around your faucets or taps may cause blockages that make it harder for water to come out. This can affect your water quality and even cause leaks.

Water Valve

Leaving your water valve open allows water to move throughout your home. Over time, water valves can become blocked over time. Blockages come from outside your home or just from the pipes aging over time.

If it’s an outside issue, tree roots and other things in the soil surrounding your home could be a problem too. A plumber can review your water valves and find blockages in those spaces. Your plumber will look at these areas and replace old valve surfaces if needed.


The pipes around your home may become clogged, dislodged, improperly aligned, or just worn out. So, clean, aligned or even replaced your pipes every once in a while. Such fixes are vital for keeping your home protected.

Supply Line

The supply line that leads to your home can weaken over the years. However, the supply line is the last thing you would review if there are problems with your water pressure.

Need a Plumber for Better Water Pressure?

Contact Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing if you’re experiencing any of these problems in your home. One of our expert plumbers will help you to fix the issue causing your water pressure level to decline.