Three Bathroom Water Saving Tips

water droplet splash 1. Install a low flow shower head. Standard shower heads release numerous gallons of fresh water every minute. Low flow shower heads cut back on the quantity used while still allowing consistent and continuous hot water to rain down.

2. Take shorter showers. Be the efficiency you want to see. Time how long it takes to complete your shower, then make sensible decisions to speed up that process without sacrificing enjoyment. The luxury of saving starts with you.

3. Replace toilet parts that cause leakage. It only sounds like a trickle, but leaky toilets waste vast amounts of clean water daily, resulting in high water bills and unexpected headaches. Simply replace a toilet tank’s inner parts so your money isn’t flushed away.

These are several easy methods you can adopt to boost water conservation and tread a greener path ahead with a lighter carbon footprint, provided by our good friends at Rinnai!