Signs Your Bathroom Faucet Needs Repair

Damaged Bathroom Faucet

Be On The Look Out for Bathroom Faucet Damage

Are you a homeowner in Fort Worth, TX concerned about a leak in your bathroom faucet? Perhaps you don’t know if the damage is significant enough to necessitate professional plumbing services. If it turns out to be, Lasiter Plumbing is here to make the process as simple and affordable as possible. If you require immediate faucet leak repair, call us at (817) 589-1678. If you are unsure if your faucet is truly damaged, check out these warning signs:

Dripping / Leaking

If the spout continues to drip water after the handle is turned all the way off, you have a faucet leak on your hands. This can cause a massive spike in your water bill and actually waste gallons and gallons of water. If that weren’t enough, the repetitive dripping sound has been know drive homeowners crazy.

Irregular Discharge

If water is spewing out of the faucet, usually from angles that are uncommon, it is a clear sign of faucet damage. This defect is also often accompanied by a loud sputtering sound. Not only does this disrupt handwashing in your bathroom but it can also cause you a fortune on water bills. Whether it appears so or not, you are using excess water at an unnecessary rate.

Squeaky Handle

If you notice a squeak when you turn water on and / or off, you likely require faucet repair. This squeak indicates wear and tear on the handles interior. Though you might think you can ignore it for now, the handle will eventually become stuck and render the faucet unusable. Correct the problem today while you still have functioning water flow.