Plumber in Plano, TX

Plano, TX PlumbersEven in the best of neighborhoods, things can go wrong with the plumbing. Faulty faucets, blocked drains, pool pumps failing in the middle of summer, no hot water in the middle of winter, gas appliances on the fritz and more. Faulty plumbing shows no favoritism so even if you live in a city like Plano, TX, you are still going to require the services of a plumber at some point. When that day comes, call Lasiter Plumbing and schedule an appointment with a licensed plumber in Plano,TX for all your repairs renovations.

Lasiter and Lasiter, a fully licensed and insured plumbing company in Plano, TX, has been providing the good folks of Plano with the very best in plumbing services, supplies and equipment for over 35 years. We have a team of highly trained, professional plumbers waiting to assist you with any plumbing work you need done, any time of the day or night. Give us a call to get a free quote and estimate on your plumbing repairs. We also guarantee affordable pricing, reliable service and top quality products, whether it’s simply fixing a leaky faucet, servicing and installing gas appliances and pumps or clearing blocked drains.

What To See And Do In Plano, TX

If you’re planning a visit to Plano, there are over a dozen things you’ll need to slot into your itinerary. Things like a visit to the Interurban Railway Museum, which showcases Plano’s history and whilst you’re visiting years gone by, the deceivingly historic charms of Uptown, Downtown hide an urban dining scene that is a culinary must see. You can also visit Heritage Farmstead and experience firsthand the joys of life on the farm as it was way back when cows were still milked by hand or just play ‘spot the Longhorn’, an iconic breed of cattle as synonymous with Texas as the American Quarter Horse and still found in and around Plano, TX today.

For a close up and personal experience of a place there’s nothing quite like exploring by bike and Plano has over 50 miles of biking and hiking trails meandering around about the town just waiting for intrepid cyclists and hikers. Along the way, you’re sure to come across the Arbor Hills Nature Reserve with its superb natural views that area a great place to stop for a breather and take them all in.

If you’re more into sports than hiking and biking you can go kick a soccer ball around one of the over 200 soccer fields in Plano, TX or brush up on your cricket, another famous English sport. You can also play golf, basketball, baseball or take a dip at one of the aquatic centers.

Dallas fans, here’s one for you – take a tour of Southfork Ranch and experience life as the Ewings did, including a spot of horsing around and checking out plenty of memorabilia from the show. And for real live entertainment, there’s an amphitheater set in 800 beautiful easily accessible acres at Oak Point Park.

Then there’s the elite shopping options offered by Plano. There are over 70 shopping centers worth of choice in fact. When you’re done shopping and need a refreshment, you’ll again besieged with a variety of choices because Plano boasts over 700 restaurants, bars and grills. You could choose a different one every night for 2 years and still not visit the same place twice!

Or just cruise along Headquarters Road and check out all the who’s who of the business world that are headquartered in Plano. JC Penney, Pizza Hut, Erickson, Toyota Sales, to name just a couple.