Plumbers in Keller, TX

Keller, TX plumbersOur team at Lasiter and Lasiter, a fully licensed and insured plumbing service in Keller, TX, has more than 35 years of experience in the plumbing game so you could say we know a bit about plumbing. In fact, when it comes to waning water heaters, packed up pumps and faulty faucets we’re most definitely your go to guys (and gals).

Lasiter and Lasiter can provide you with the very best plumber in Keller, TX because we have a team of them, all highly trained, professional plumbing technicians ready, willing and able to assist you with all your plumbing requirements, around the clock. At Lasiter and Lasiter we also understand that plumbing failures don’t always conveniently happen during business hours, which is why we provide an emergency service as well that operates 24/7.

So if your drains are blocked, your septic system needs a service, your faucets are leaking, your hot water system is no longer hot, you have no water pressure or your pool pump is on the blink, Lasiter and Lasiter will come to your rescue, any time of the day or night. You can also discuss your reverse osmosis, water conditioning and filtration options with us or have us install or service a pump or gas appliance for you. When it comes to clean drains and the environment Lasiter and Lasiter is definitely on the forefront too – we always use a product that is a 100% environmentally friendly mix of powerful bacteria and enzymes.

If you need a plumber in Keller, TX, contact Lasiter and Lasiter, where you’re not just a work order. While you have us on the phone ask for a free quote and estimate on your plumbing projects. We can guarantee quality service and workmanship and will throw in affordable pricing, reliable service and top quality products as well. How’s that for great service!

So What Else Is In Keller, TX Apart From A Great Plumbing Service?

Keller is located to the north of Fort Worth in Tarrant County in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. It’s a vibrant, affluent community with a population of 39,627 according to the 2010 census and in 2009 made it onto Money Magazine’s top 10 list of best US cities to live in. The area is well served with major north-south and east-west highways running through the city and other state highways located close by. The DFW International Airport is just to the east of Keller, providing easy access for visitors from around the US as well as overseas.

Keller also has a range of amenities for local residents including The Keller Pointe, a fitness and aquatics center run by the local council and the Keller Senior Activities Center. There are parks, hiking and bike trails and a variety of ballparks catering for those who enjoy a spot of basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer and hockey. If reading is more your thing, the Keller Public Library has you covered as well with a summer reading club, story time programs for preschoolers and toddlers and an excellent collection of print and digital material.

If you’re a university student you’re also well catered for in Keller with 20 major universities located within 60 miles of Keller.