Signs You May Have Main Water Line Problems

Main Water Line

Problems with Your Water Line Should Prompt an Immediate Call for Service.

Your main water line provides an indispensable service for your household. Problems with this line can result in low water pressure, contaminated water, or no water whatsoever. To avoid disastrous consequences like these, you’ll want to recognize the signals for main water line problems. Pay attention for these signs, and call for immediate service from Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing if you live in or around , TX.

High Water Bills

If your water bill inexplicably spikes from one month to the next, you probably have a water line issue. A higher water bill indicates greater usage. When none of your household activities can explain the surge, you have to look elsewhere for this missing water. In all likelihood, it has leaked beneath the surface of your lawn from a crack or rupture in your water line.

Decreased Pressure

Underground water leaks can also lessen the water pressure in your home. An annoying problem, low water pressure from a main line issue will affect every tap in your house. Until you have the problem repaired, you can expect to struggle with inadequate pressure in your shower, sinks, and elsewhere. Any symptom of a possible water leak should warrant an immediate call for repairs. When water continually leaks underground, into your foundation, or beneath your home, you have a recipe for disaster that can result in serious damage.

Additional signals, including brown water, flooded spots in your yard, and the sound of running water, can all indicate problems with a main water line. You should never ignore these issues, as they can worsen over time and create even more serious consequences. Any time you need work on you main water line in , TX, call the team at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing. You can reach us anytime at __PHONE__.