How Does a Video Inspection Work?

video inspection

How Does a Video Inspection Work For Your Plumbing System?

At Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing, we provide a video inspection service to help with identifying problems with plumbing systems of all sorts. We can check on the pipes and other lines around your property to identify significant concerns that are building up around your system.

The Process

But how does a video inspection work? Better yet, how can such an inspection work in a spot as dark as your plumbing system? The effort uses a few steps for simplicity and results:

  1. Prepare a flexible rod with a small camera on the end. The camera must be encased to resist water and anything else that goes through the plumbing system.
  2. An LED light must go on the lens of the camera. The light will illuminate what is inside the pipe, thus helping to identify anything inside.
  3. The camera should be slowly inserted into the drain where a problem is coming out of. The rod should be flexible enough to where the camera can go through whatever turns or curves may develop around the pipe setup.
  4. The lens moves through and checks on the inside of the pipe. The signals from the lens will link up to video material. A wireless signal should move between the lens and the video screen to show items in real-time. This includes identifying the precise physical spot where the issue at hand occurs.
  5. When something appears, the plumber will identify the problem in question. The plumber should note the size of the blockage or any foreign bodies that may be in the way. After this, plan a proper effort for removing or treating the concern.

One great part of what we use is that our camera materials are long enough to go through an average sewage line in a property. This includes reaching the end of the sewage setup that you would be responsible for maintaining.

The Lens

Also, the lens we use features a self-correcting body. The design keeps the lens from getting stuck. The work ensures that the camera will identify the concerns on the inside right away without worrying about whatever might occur or develop in a site.


Ensure things are fully visible. There is a need to check on what is working here without any problems coming through. The camera review also provides a more accurate approach to finding things.

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The video inspection process resolves issues. Our experts at Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing can help you with whatever threats might appear around your plumbing system and provide a full analysis of what is in your area.