Get Involved With National Fix-a-Leak Week!

The US Environmental Protection Agency has announced National Fix-a-Leak Week from March 14th through the 18th. What does this mean for you? It means it’s a great time to have your plumbing checked, and fix any leaks you’ve noticed. Even minor leaks waste an astonishing amount of water, which isn’t good for the environment — or your wallet!

Help Spread the Word

Minor plumbing leaks in the US waste 1 trillion gallons of water every year. This is a huge problem, since the world’s population keeps quickly growing, and we have drinking access to only 1% of the water on Earth. Luckily, the EPA has made it easy to spread the word with the widgets and videos located on their web site.

Teach Kids About Water Conservation

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As they say, the children are our future. They will be the ones that inherit the planet and its possible water shortages. Teach them at an early age to conserve water whenever possible. The EPA has made this task easier by creating a kid-friendly, informative website called “Thirsty for Knowledge“.

Upgrade Your Plumbing

Do you have leaks in your own home? If so, call a professional plumber to take a look. They will repair your plumbing, or make recommendations for upgrades that help save water. Look for the EPA-approved Water Sense seal, and ask your plumber for more tips on cutting your water bills and conserving water.