DIY Drain Cleaning Methods

If you have a sink or bathtub that drains slower and slower, the drain needs cleaning. Sometimes, the clog is mild enough that you can fix it without ever calling a specialist. We have a few DIY drain cleaning methods for homeowners who want to try their hand at fixing a clog before calling a plumber.

SnakingDIY drain cleaning

One way of getting a clog out of a drain is with an auger (sometimes known as a snake). You can buy an inexpensive drain snake at most grocery and home improvement stores. Or, alternately, a metal hanger that you untwist can work just as well as an auger as long as you use it carefully. All you have to do is push the auger down the drain and then pull it out, along with whatever is clogging your drain. If this doesn’t take care of the problem, there is one more thing you can try.

DIY Liquid Drain Cleaning

If you have a persistent clogged drain that doesn’t respond well to the auger method, you can also use a chemical drain cleaner. There are different brands and types, and most are available at retail stores. These substances contain harsh chemicals that break down drain clogs. A word of warning, though: Use chemical drain cleaners very carefully! These substances can splash your skin and cause severe irritation. If you want a less dangerous liquid drain cleaner, you can simply make your own. Simply pour a little baking soda down the drain. Then, chase it with vinegar.

However, if your clogged drain persists after attempting these DIY drain cleaning methods, or the idea of pulling a ball of hair out of your drain makes you queasy, call our pros at (817) 589-1678. We are happy to professionally clean your drains at an affordable cost!