Disposal Cleaning Tips

disposal tune upMost homes have a garbage disposal installed in their kitchen. These machines help homeowners grind up food waste and debris so that it can be effectively removed by your home’s plumbing systems and drains. While most people know how to use their disposal, you may not be as familiar with how to keep your disposal clean. Luckily, Lasiter Plumbing has provided these disposal cleaning tips to help you maintain your disposal.

Clean the Disposal Guard

Turn off your disposal before attempting to clean the rubber guard. The purpose of the guard is to block food debris from coming back out of the disposal during grinding as well as protect you from accidentally cutting up your hand. The backside of the guard can become dirty with debris that should be cleaned regularly to prevent an unpleasant odor from developing. Wipe down the guard with a paper towel to remove any build-ups.

Add Ice Cubes

Grinding ice cubes will help clean the blades of your disposal and remove accumulated debris. You can even make ice cubes with lemon juice or vinegar to add some extra cleaning power.

Add Citrus Peels

Placing cut up lemon, orange and lime peels in your disposal and grinding them will produce a refreshing odor.