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Signs You Have Frozen Pipes

Leak in Frozen Pipes

The Water Inside Frozen Pipes Expands, Causing the Pipe to Crack.

Frozen pipes are a big problem for homeowners. Not only do they cut off the supply of running water in the house, but they have the potential to burst once they thaw. The water inside the pipes expands as it freezes. This puts pressure on the pipes, creating cracks. In order to prevent these cracks from flooding your house, it is important to thaw frozen pipes when the water supply is turned off. Pipes can be thawed using heat lamps, space heaters or blow dryers. If the pipe is under the house, a plumber such as Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing can be called in. Regardless, it is important to catch frozen pipes before they have a chance to thaw on their own.

Do You Have Frozen Pipes?

Certain pipes are more likely than others to freeze. Pipes that are along the outside wall of the house, or in the attic or basement have higher risks of freezing than pipes inside the house. Also, homes in warmer climates are more likely to have frozen pipes in an unexpected cold snap. This is because the pipes are not well insulated against the cold. Here are some signs to look for to tell if you have a frozen pipe.

It’s Freezing Outside
It has to be below freezing in order for water pipes to freeze.
Frosty Pipes
If the pipes under your cabinets have frost on them it is likely they are frozen inside.
No Water
If the pipes are frozen, you won’t be able to get any water out of the faucet.

If you suspect that your pipes are frozen, contact Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing at (817) 589-1678. We offer services to repair your pipes and sewer lines, as well detect any leaks under your house that may be the result of a frozen pipe. Let us take care of your plumbing this winter.

Three Signs of a Hidden Water Leak

Hidden Water Leak

The Appearance of Mold Anywhere in Your Home Can Indicate the Presence of a Leak.

Since a home’s plumbing exists behind walls and beneath the house, not all water leaks will become readily apparent. This becomes problematic, as a hidden water leak will quickly cause serious damage. To prevent this, along with the accompanying need for expensive repairs, pay attention for the following signs.

Musty Smells

If you one day begin to detect a musty smell in a certain area of your house, you can likely blame a nearby water leak. Leaking pipes provide the moisture needed for the growth of mildew and mold. Even if you cannot see these growths, your nose can detect their appearance behind walls.

Water Stains

The appearance of a water stain loudly announces the presence of a leak. Though people generally associate these with ceiling leaks, they can appear anytime water damages a ceiling, floor, or wall. Call immediately for service if you see a stain, as it indicates the leak has run long enough to cause substantial damage.

High Water Bill

If you water bill appears higher for no discernible reason, you can probably blame a leak. If no other signs appear in your home, the leak likely exists in your yard. To stay on the safe side, call a professional plumber that offers leak detection services.

Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing has represented a family tradition since 1974. If you ever suspect a hidden water leak in Fort Worth, TX, give us a call at __PHONE__. Our expert plumbers will respond quickly to your call, efficiently locate the leak, and make thorough repairs.

Signs Your Bathroom Faucet Needs Repair

Damaged Bathroom Faucet

Be On The Look Out for Bathroom Faucet Damage

Are you a homeowner in Fort Worth, TX concerned about a leak in your bathroom faucet? Perhaps you don’t know if the damage is significant enough to necessitate professional plumbing services. If it turns out to be, Lasiter Plumbing is here to make the process as simple and affordable as possible. If you require immediate faucet leak repair, call us at (817) 589-1678. If you are unsure if your faucet is truly damaged, check out these warning signs:

Dripping / Leaking

If the spout continues to drip water after the handle is turned all the way off, you have a faucet leak on your hands. This can cause a massive spike in your water bill and actually waste gallons and gallons of water. If that weren’t enough, the repetitive dripping sound has been know drive homeowners crazy.

Irregular Discharge

If water is spewing out of the faucet, usually from angles that are uncommon, it is a clear sign of faucet damage. This defect is also often accompanied by a loud sputtering sound. Not only does this disrupt handwashing in your bathroom but it can also cause you a fortune on water bills. Whether it appears so or not, you are using excess water at an unnecessary rate.

Squeaky Handle

If you notice a squeak when you turn water on and / or off, you likely require faucet repair. This squeak indicates wear and tear on the handles interior. Though you might think you can ignore it for now, the handle will eventually become stuck and render the faucet unusable. Correct the problem today while you still have functioning water flow.

Three Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair

sewer line repair

You Should Only Trust Licensed, Professional Plumbers for Sewer Line Repair.

Sewer line repairs can become both messy and costly. All of your home’s drains empty there, so problems with your sewer line can have serious repercussions. To avoid sewage in your sinks or the destruction of your yard, call for repair at the first signs of trouble. You can recognize a need for sewer line repair through attention to a few factors.

Bad Smells

A malfunctioning sewer line can create terrible smells both in your home and outside. The smell of sewage can indicate two things: you have a leak in your sewer line, or a major obstruction. Obstructions become problematic because they prevent the passage of both sewage and methane. Leaks can make your yard a repository for sewage. Either way, you need immediate and professional service.

Slow Drains

Slow drains at multiple points around your house suggest a sluggish or clogged sewer line. Even if you remain careful about what you put down your drains, outside factors can still clog your line. Tree roots, for example, can penetrate and block a sewer line. As the clogs worsens, you could eventually see sewage bubble up through your drains.

Lush Yard

A sewer line leak can act as fertilizer in your yard. You can detect this through the incongruous growth or lushness of certain areas. The leak will also attract pests such as rodents and insects. You may see these throughout your yard, or even within your home.

For all needs with sewer line repair in Fort Worth, TX, call Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing at (817) 589-1678

4 Ways to Save on Your Water Bill

These days, we’re all looking for ways to save a few dollars here and there. Our water bill isn’t typically where we look first to shave pennies off of our budget, but there are plenty of ways to lower your usage and cost.

Check for LeaksSave on Water

This may seem like a no brainer, but often we don’t notice a leaky toilet or faucet until it’s been that way for a while. Check your seals, faucets, and pipes monthly by running your fingers around them to check for moisture. Finding and repairing leaks will save bucks on your next water bill.

Update Your Showerhead and Toilet

Today, very pressurized showerheads are available which push water out harder, requiring less at once. Using these types of shower heads can save you money over time. Similarly, toilets now have water saving capabilities that control the amount of water stored in the tank, and the amount of water used in a flush.

Watch Your Meter

Your water meter is the best clue you have to hidden leaks within your home. Check your water meter often to observe sudden boosts in water intake that may signal a leak.

Water Wiser

Remember to regularly inspect your sprinkler heads to make sure they haven’t become crooked or off kilter due to children, lawn mowers, or other reasons. Also, ensure that each sprinkler head is targeted for it optimal use so that no areas are over or under watered. The best time of day to water is early morning because of the temperature. Less water will evaporate with cool morning temperatures, so more water will be used on the lawn enabling shorter watering times.

When trying to save on your water bill, a little effort can go a long way. Keeping your plumbing maintained and your lawn irrigation system in check will save you a noticeable amount on your annual cost of water. For more tips and advice, call Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing at (817) 589-1678.

Low Flow? 3 Reasons Your Water Pressure is Down

Showerhead With Water Flowing

Low flow water pressure indicates plumbing problems

Low flow water pressure can be a nightmare for homeowners. The hot shower you rely upon in the morning suddenly becomes ineffective. Rinsing the dishes after dinner suddenly becomes a major chore. Perhaps, hosing down your driveway is now a 2 hour process. These are the symptoms of low water pressure. A decrease in water pressure can be caused by a variety of factors. Some of the factors are easily fixable, and other’s require professional plumbing services to audit your home. Here are 3 possible reasons why your water pressure is down:

Pressure Regulator Failure

The pressure regulator in your home plumbing system might be damaged. Not all home’s are equipped with a water pressure regulator. This regulator is designed to protect your pipes from a spike in the water pressure. The pipes could burst if the water pressure gets too high. A decrease in all your faucets and shower heads at once indicates pressure regulator failure.

Slab Leak

Slab leaks can cause low flow water pressure. Leaks that originate in your foundation are known as slab leaks. Do you notice water buildup by your home’s foundation? If so, you might have a slab leak. Slab leaks can affect all parts of your plumbing system. Low water pressure would certainly be one of the symptoms most noticeable.

Water Valve Closure

Did someone recently handle your water valve? City workers and independent contractors will occasionally check your water valve’s as part of their service run. It’s possible that someone left a water valve partially closed. Independent contractors usually handle the main valve in your garage. If it was a city worker, they might have messed with your water meter valve. Call (817) 589-1678 for professional plumbing services in Fort Worth, TX.

How to Handle Plumbing Emergencies


Contact Lasiter Plumbing today for plumbing repairs.

Many homeowners are unfamiliar with a procedure in emergency plumbing situations. To you avoid panicking during your next emergency, here’s some ways to handle a plumbing malfunction:




  • If the pipes burst.  You can prevent water from flowing out of the hole if you close the main shutoff valve in your home. This will stop the water supply to your home’s fixtures, subsequently stopping the flood.


  • If the pipes freeze. Seal off the main shutoff valve in your home to prevent the frozen pipe from splitting. Turn on the faucet and let the water flow at a constant slow drip.


  • If the main water line has broken. If the main water line breaks or clogs, contact a plumber immediately.  Don’t risk the damaged water line causing a rise in pressure, leading to flooding in your home’s foundation.
  • If the fixture is leaking. A slow drip can quickly lead to more serious issues. First things first, find the shutoff valve  for the leaky fixture. Then check the tap for debris, hair, soap scum, and food particles. These are common causes of overflow in pipes.


  • If the water heater is failing. A deficient water heater might be because of a problem with the gas line or electrical connections. It makes it difficult to bathe, cook, or clean without a working water heater.


  • If the drain and/or toilet is blocked. This probably the most common plumbing problem. A toilet overflow can be fixed by grabbing a plunger or a drain snake. If the problem continues, then call a professional.

If you suspect a leak in your home, or if you’d like to schedule preventative maintenance on your plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing can give you a hand! Contact us at (817) 589-1678.

When Do I Need To Call A Plumber?

Sometimes when things go wrong at home, we can fix them ourselves. Other times, we know we need professional help. And other times still, we just aren’t sure which is better, which is why we put together 3 things that definitely require a professional!

Plumbing emergencies are never fun, but if you know what to watch for, you might be able to avoid some! Rather than wait for your living room to become an indoor swimming pool, it may be a good idea to call the pros if you notice any of these three plumbing issues in your home!

When do i need to call a plumber?

Living room flooded? Might be a good idea to call the pros!

Discolored Water, Weird Odors

Tap water isn’t regarded as the best source of water by many people, but it is actually meant to be very clean! If you notice any sort of discoloration in your water it could be one of a few things. The most common, assuming just the hot water is discolored, is an issue with the hot water heater. However, the gross, and harder to fix cause could be a backflow problem. Backflow problems happen when your potable water supply is polluted by a sewer or other unsavory water source. If you notice discoloration from hot and cold taps, along with a strange smell, call a plumber right away!

Issues With Water Pressure

If your water pressure is abruptly cycling between strong and weak flow, this can be a sign of clogged pipes or possibly a break in your water line. These issues can lead to serious damages if not caught before a serious bust. Locate the water shut off valve for your home, in case something does burst, and then call a plumber to find the source of lost pressure!

Uneven Flooring

If areas of your floor have risen or sunken in, this can indicate a variety of things. However, one of the most common is slab leaks. It can also be cause by shifting soil around your foundation from prolonged rain or drought. Neither option is great, so be sure to call a professional to get the proper diagnosis!

When you need a professional to come and inspect your plumbing in Haltom City, TX or the surrounding areas, give Lasiter & Lasiter Plumbing a call! We’ve been in the business since 1974, and we will fix your plumbing quickly and correctly! (817) 589-1678

Do Your Part! Get Involved In National ‘Fix A Leak Week’ 2017

Do you have leaky faucet in your home?

From March 20 – 26, 2017, the United States Environmental Protection Agency is hosting the ninth annual National Fix A Leak Week. For the entire week, people across the nation are taking time to spread awareness about unnecessary and avoidable water waste in homes across the country.

This year, get involved and make sure your house is leak free so you can do your part to save some water. The earth will thank you, and so will your wallet!

National Fix A Leak Week

Do your part! Check your home for water leaks this National Fix A Leak Week 2017

National Fix A Leak Week 2017

From March 20 – 26, the US EPA is taking some time to highlight an easily avoidable source of water waste in American homes. Over 1 trillion gallons are wasted annually in the US. To combat this waste, there are a few things you can do in your own home!

Check Your Water Usage

If you’re home doesn’t have any obviously leaking faucets, there are several ways you can check if water is being wasted.

  • Look at your home’s water usage from February. If  a family of four has exceeded 12,000 gallons for the month, there is likely a serious leaking problem.
  • Find a time when no water in being used in your home. Check your water meter, wait two hours,  then check it again. If the meter has changed at all, you have a leak somewhere in the home!
  • The EPA suggests testing your toilet for leaks by adding a drop of food coloring to the toilet tank. After 10 minutes, if you see color in the toilet bowl, you have a leak! (They also advise that you flush immediately after the 10 minutes to avoid stains!)

Areas Prone to Leaks

Leaks are often caused by old or worn gaskets and washers in faucets, toilets and shower heads. Proper maintenance can catch these failing parts before they actually fail, and save your home money on repair costs. Toilets have a valve-seal or flapper that can become worn and cause leaks. Replacement of this inexpensive part can often fix toilet leaks. Additionally, in-ground irrigation systems are often damaged by cold weather, so it is important to have them inspected annually.

Spread the Word!

This year, take some time to check your home for leaks, and do your part to save water! While it is fun to participate in Fix A Leak Week, be sure to watch for leaks in your home throughout the year, too. Teach your children about water conservation, and ask your friends and family if they practice water-saving techniques. To learn more, visit the EPA website for great tips and video tutorials!

If you suspect a leak in your home, or if you’d like to schedule preventative maintenance on your plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing can give you a hand! Protect the Earth, and save some money too!  

4 Common Plumbing Myths That Can Cause Damage

There are many plumbing repairs and maintenance tips that are simply not true. If you own a home or are renting, it is important to know what repairs and maintenance will actually help instead of hurt your plumbing. Here are four common plumbing myths that can actually cause damage to your plumbing systems.

4 Common Plumbing Myths That Can Cause Damage

Plumbing Myth 1: Lemons Can Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Unfortunately, this is completely untrue. While lemons can make your disposal and kitchen smell great, they can actually damage the disposal’s impellers.

Plumbing Myth 2: You Can Put Paper Towels Down the Toilet

Paper towels, baby wipes, tissue, or any other soft cloth should never go down the toilet. You should only be flushing toilet paper.

Plumbing Myth 3: Clean Your Plumbing Fixtures With Soap

It might seem okay to scrub your faucets and toilets with hand soap, it can actually do more harm than good. Any brass plumbing fixtures should be cleaned with lemon and baking soda and toilets need a disinfectant to get rid of germs.

Plumbing Myth 4: If It’s Draining Then It Must Be Ok

Just because liquid and water are draining without effort, doesn’t mean you don’t have clogs or blockages. Drain clogs take time to build up, but you should perform regular maintenance to ensure you don’t get a clog that requires repairs.

If you’re in need of plumbing service in Fort Worth, TX, call the professional plumbers at Laister Plumbing at (817) 589-1678 today!